Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ★★★★★

Between this and the simply spectacular PS4 game, this has been a damn brilliant year for Spider-Man (besides Stan Lee's unfortunate passing of course. Rest In Peace Stan). Not only is it a love letter to the various incarnations of the web head (with meta humour so good Deadpool and Teen Titans Go! To The Movies look even worse than they already did) but a really damn effective origin story for Miles Morales in his cinematic debut.

This film is visual feast from beginning to end. Phil Lord & Chris Miller's influence can be felt throughout this film, and much like their magnum opus The LEGO Movie they are truly allowed to flourish in an animated film. The physical humour is just as fast and clever as their trademark witty dialogue, most memorably being a chase scene involving an unconscious Peter Parker and a totally freaked out Miles Morales that just doesn't let up and is constantly raising the bar.

Honestly nothing I can say here can do the animation of this film justice. You need to see it to believe, and I'd recommend the film on that alone, but thankfully as mentioned prior this is a really damn good origin story for Miles Morales, and though Peter Parker gets a solid character arc too and the other Spider-Men are great too, this really is Miles film. He's endearingly out of his depth and believably real and likeable. I'm so glad this film got to introduce him to the big screen first. They absolutely did his character justice.

God, I hope this film does well. I'm worried people won't know what to think of it based on trailers. I hope they come and see what a complete package it is as a film, because damn if I want to see more of these. This film was better than at least 90% of the MCU and better than any of the attempts at franchises that Sony Pictures has churned out in recent years. This frankly makes me forgive them for The Amazing Spider-Man. This film is what happens when smart, talented people are left to make film GOLD.

P.s. The first two Sam Raimi Spider-Man films are still better though. Just saying.

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