The Godfather: Part II

The Godfather: Part II ★★★

Hot take? This was good. This was not great. The story is fascinating, the ingenious idea to show Michael’s attempt at becoming the don while simultaneously showing Vito’s rise is the perfect way to tell this story. De Niro is doing classic De Niro shit and I love him here. His storyline is excellent. On the flip side, Pacino is fine as this darker Micheal but I think he was 1000x better in the first. The dude is a very overrated actor in my opinion. He’s bombastic and looks like the devil. That’s about it. The biggest complaint I have is the completely unnecessary runtime. I was very very bored for the first hour and a half. That’s inexcusable lol. Also, most of the characters introduced in this one did literally nothing for me. I couldn’t give a shit less about any of them.

Overall, this is fine. However, this is a massive step down from the first in my opinion.

EDIT: I’m bumping this down even lower to a 3/5. This was not my thing.

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