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This review may contain spoilers.

Prediction: Paramount will sign a first look deal with John Krasinski within the next month

This is the best suspense film I have seen on the big screen since 10 Cloverfield Lane. My theater was mostly silent, except I sat next to the one woman who said "Oh no" and "Stop! Be Quiet!" during every tense moment.

This film is very well-written. By that, I mean that everything in the film is there for a purpose: All the characters serve specific functions, everything has a payoff, and everything serves to further the plot. It's simply written, but it's well written. This film is also directed incredibly well by John Krasinski. Almost every shot is framed to give you the most extreme emotional value, whether that be suspense, love, happiness, or sadness. The acting is also great on every level. Krasinski and Blunt absolutely knock it out of the park, and I have to imagine a lot of that has to do with the fact that they're married in real life. Their interactions feel so natural and you can tell these people actually love each other. The two kids also do a good job, which is surprising since one of them is actually deaf in real life. I think that helped the film greatly though, as it probably helped the cast learn ASL. Since the film has very little dialogue, most of the film is told through facial expressions and you always know what each character is feeling. Also, the first scene of the movie perfectly sets the mood for the entire film and you're put on edge almost immediately. Besides all that, the music brings you in and out of these characters' silent reality, the cinematography presents an eerie and unsettling world, and the special effects aren't half bad either.

My one and only gripe with the film, which I can get over in the long run, is why people living in this world thought to themselves: "Hey you know what we should do? Have a baby! You know, the loudest and most uncontrollable sound-maker on the planet." Just a small gripe that they could've explained better by maybe saying Krasinski and Blunt were religious (since they still say prayers at dinner) or just have her get pregnant before the invasion.

This is easily the best movie of the year so far. It's a triple-threat, tour de force from John Krasinski. I hope this film gets a lot of recognition and lets Krasinski write and direct more because I will be there for whatever he puts out next. I also hope this gets the kind of recognition like Get Out did. We still have a long year of film ahead of us, but I hope this gets some award recognition next year. I could see this getting a "Best Original Screenplay" nomination at the very least.

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