The Many Saints of Newark

The Many Saints of Newark ★★½

Newark comes across as a very average crime saga populated with some decent actors doing borderline comical impressions of characters we all know and love from the series it's a prequel to. Magaro and Magnusson need a talking to for their respective Silvio and Paulie's.

For something so anticipated based on a show that's still so loved and having a few Sopranos crew involved throughout, it should have been fantastic but alarm bells rang with the underwhelming trailers and the increasing sense of dread with Taylor's directing credit.

Far from being awful, and as a standalone story of hideous people being horrible to each other it's worth a watch, but the bigger and badder behemoth it seeks to pay tribute to is ultimately what walks up behind it with a pistol, almost inevitably snuffing out its chances of being a classic.

Eternal love for it correctly using the greatest theme tune ever though, that'll never not be about as cool as it gets.

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