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  • Ten Seconds to Hell

    Ten Seconds to Hell

    The only thing that matters is the future. I never thought it'd matter again, but it does now."

    Love in the ruins. Six men disarm bombs in the post-war rubble of Berlin, the scars of a city echoing the past in the present, to make an inhospitable place a city again. Blueprints line the walls of their office and they can precisely identify bombs from a distance, but these men can never be truly prepared. There are too many variables.…

  • Apache


    "we found we could live with the white man, but only if we lived like him — you can do the same."

    A new life, sold as a dream and lived as a nightmare. The last Apache warrior to surrender escapes to a city and watches modern life through glass windows. He stares at a man eating in a restaurant, who returns his gaze with a disgusted glare. The next morning he's alone in a stable eating corn meant for horses after being viciously run out of town, forced to live like an animal by men who hunt in packs. "You call that life?"

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  • Blackhat


    I guess I missed how down and dirty this is first time round - a movie about cyber-terrorism in which a hacker scratches around in the dirt to find information; the violence and suffering of every death is highlighted with lingering close-ups/slo-mo; an online conversation with a terrorist (who could be anywhere in the world) escalates into a knife-fight with a gang in a bar in less than 10 seconds. This isn't a world that exists only online. It's real,…

  • La Cérémonie

    La Cérémonie

    "I feel sorry for you"

    one of the great films about manipulation and belittlement: nonchalantly throwing a dirtied tissue back at the person who provided it without saying thank you; offering to drive someone into town as if it's the noblest thing in the world; finding out someone can't read and instinctively offering to teach them. The rich family treat Sandrine Bonnaire's maid with such casual disdain and dehumanising pity that it's no wonder she's drawn to the chaos of…