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  • Thunderball



    My damn in-laws are in town for a few days, and I was in dire need of a distraction. With that in mind, I settled in for the Tuesday night viewing.

    In all honesty I don't have much to say here. There's a plot involving Spectre obtaining two nuclear warheads and holding said warheads for ransom, but the handling is simply too silly to attain any kind of real impact. Perhaps most notably, this is the fourth Bond cinematic offering…

  • Mission: Impossible - Fallout

    Mission: Impossible - Fallout

    Adrenaline-filled as fuck.

    The plot features a variety of characters and motivations relating to said characters, but at its core this is a race against time. It starts at a breakneck pace, and doesn't let off the gas till the credits begin to roll. Most impressively, despite the unadulterated mayhem, it's seemingly always in control.

    This franchise relies heavily on the talents of Tom Cruise, and he is a flat-out madman in this film. He runs across an entire city,…

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  • Alien



    "In space no one can hear you scream."

    Simply a damn cool tagline for a damn cool film. While it may seem quite simple on the surface, there is so much more to it. In effect it is WHAT is making you scream that is legendary here. The fear of the unknown is very much at play here. This is the perfect tagline for a film such as this. Much like the tagline, the set-up itself is pretty simple but…

  • Zodiac



    "I'm not the Zodiac, and if I was I wouldn't tell you."

    Perhaps the most important line in the whole film. This in fact may be the most important scene in the film. The initial questioning of Arthur Leigh Allen ends up being in many ways the closest we ever get to seeing the Zodiac killer (or so we want to think) up close and in person. This scene marks the send-off into the labyrinth of twists and turns that…