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  • Molly's Game

    Molly's Game

    A film of undeniable contrast. Specifically, for all this film does well, it tends to slog in its own execution throughout the run time.

    The dialogue is sharp (it's a Sorkin offering, after all) and the story itself is undeniably interesting, but man, there's a lot of sludge the viewer has to power through in this film. The narrative voice-over that dominates the first half hour is distracting, the flashback narrative execution is tedious, and the final half hour sputters…

  • White Boy Rick

    White Boy Rick


    This is a film that is really close to having it all come together, but it falls just short.

    Honestly, I'm not quite sure why this didn't work better for me. The acting is solid and the story itself is undeniably enticing. With that said, everything kind of felt flat to me. I will say that the father-son relationship is easily the strongest part of the film, and I'm somewhat disappointed that wasn't more of a main focus.

    Overall, it's interesting enough for a look, but don't expect it to knock your goddamn socks off or anything.

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  • Alien



    "In space no one can hear you scream."

    Simply a damn cool tagline for a damn cool film. While it may seem quite simple on the surface, there is so much more to it. In effect it is WHAT is making you scream that is legendary here. The fear of the unknown is very much at play here. This is the perfect tagline for a film such as this. Much like the tagline, the set-up itself is pretty simple but…

  • Zodiac



    "I'm not the Zodiac, and if I was I wouldn't tell you."

    Perhaps the most important line in the whole film. This in fact may be the most important scene in the film. The initial questioning of Arthur Leigh Allen ends up being in many ways the closest we ever get to seeing the Zodiac killer (or so we want to think) up close and in person. This scene marks the send-off into the labyrinth of twists and turns that…