Certain Women ★★½

To me, a frustrating cinematic viewing experience.

The film provides a brief window into the lives of various women living in a small Montana town. As a viewer, one would hope that the execution ensures that a cohesive cinematic viewing results. Unfortunately for the viewer, such is not the case here.

I've stated this before, but I've never been a fan of the separate but somehow connected storyline approach. Such reservation holds true to form here as the storylines, while connected by way of themes innate to the overall viewing, are at their core very different from one another. As a result, momentum is continually upended throughout the run time to provide for a new and different perspective.

Perhaps the most frustrating aspect is that the film is very well-made, and the storylines are interesting enough on their own (particularly the last two) to amount to a full cinematic viewing experience. As it is, I found it to be a well-made film with strong moments littered within, but one that ultimatley feels too disjointed to entirely work for me.

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