Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★½

Nothing less than a bit of perspective for those men who feel their wife yields to bouts of instability from time to time.

I've never read the book, and as a result it thus follows that my viewing experience is likely quite a bit different than those who have. I made a concerted effort to go into this viewing as blind as possible and feel I came out the better for it. I liked this quite a bit, and I feel much of this can be attributed to my mind being equivalent to an open board.

I am of the opinion that while this isn't Fincher's best film, it is absolutely one of his better directing efforts. The film is paced pretty damn brilliantly and flows seamlessly as a result. It takes a talented director to handle flashbacks in the manner that was on display here. The hyper-realistic style of the camera work is perfect here. What a great way to draw out the contrast between the real world and the crazy happenings going on in the film.

The first hour or so serves as a dissection of sorts of the modern marriage. What separates this material is the manner in which flashbacks continually take us through the beginnings of their relationship as we witness happenings in the modern day. Not only does this add a strong sense of dread, but more importantly there is a strong tinge of mystery added to the proceedings. It in effect makes the material quite engrossing.

Perhaps it is fair to say that at its core this film is about a power struggle within a modern marriage. Granted, one would hope this isn't the norm, but there are some damn cool dynamics on display here. As with any marriage, themes of control, power, manipulation, and conformity are put at the forefront here.

At this point I'll just stop beating around the bush here and give mention to Rosamund Pike here. I'd be lying if I didn't say I got a little Pike'd myself during the viewing last night. She is without a doubt the strongest point and driver of the film. Her performance is essential as the film's themes depend entirely on her peformance. To say that she was up to the task would be an understatement.

Great story, great director, and great acting performance. That being said.......stay away boys, this broad is simply crazy as fuck.

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