Housebound ★★★★

Simply a damn good time.

It is best go into into a viewing of this film as blind as possible. Front and center is a story that thrives on constantly circumventing the viewer's expectations of what is to come. It's a film that sporadically delves into multiple horror sub-genres, and is able to competently master them all. Every so often there comes along a film that is able to legitimately breath a little life into its respected genre. Thankfully for the viewer, such is very much the case here.

I will keep this somewhat brief as this is a film that is more easily watched than explained, but I can't ignore the score on display. Nothing less than the perfect use of music to drive the story and happenings within. In many ways the score is my favorite aspect of the film. Love how good scores give films a particular vibe and energy all on their own.

A superior horror offering, and a must-see for horror fans.

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