Inferno ★½

I will concede that this viewing was facing an uphill battle. Specifically, the copy I received from Netflix was awful, and I was pretty damn tired to boot. With that said, this was a disappointing and easily the worse Argento viewing I've had thus far.

It features his trademark style of vibrant colors, a driving score, and sporadic moments of nail-biting suspense. Unfortunately, I'm wondering just what happened to the story. It works somewhat as a "descent into hell" type of flick, but I'll be damned if the story wasn't as thin as a 12-year old anorexic. For the most part, the film consists of individuals walking across shadow-filled corriders and rooms with splashes of color. The little story provided tended to be somewhat incomprehensible, and the climax of the film was anything but.

With the aforementioned viewing disclaimer in mind....inferior Argento cinema.

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