Le Samouraï

Le Samouraï ★★★★

Perhaps this phrase has never been more warranted than now.......simply a damn cool film.

The film opens in a gray-soaked room. The room itself is sparse. There is a bed, a dresser, and small bird in the cage. On the bed lies a man in a fashionable suit. The man is lying on said bed, smoking a stogie, and sending plumes of smoke up gracefully into the air. Such a small scene that sets the stage for what is to come. Specifically, this is a film all about Jef Costello, and perhaps more importantly, this is a film about Jef Costello being cool as fuck.

It would be easy to simply discuss how cool of an individual Costello is, but the film itself is actually much more than that. While Costello is of course the heart of the whole damn thing, in many ways this is a film that re-defines just what it means to be cool. In some manner Costelle is the mere jumping point for all the style this film has to offer. And what a style it ultimately is.

This is a film that tastes a subdued approach in its interpretation of the oft-used term. It is generally what is unspoken, or what isn't touched upon that qualifies as being damn cool in this instance. Costello's calm and collected nature is one thing, but who knew the sound of shoes walking on concrete in the subway station can be considered cool? In many ways that is what makes this film so great. It manages to be damn cool in ways the viewer can't even comprehend. In many ways my memory of this film will be Costello walking all around those subway stations while his shoes echo amidst the concrete.

Perhaps in the end it is the film itself that ultimately qualifies as the samurai. The film itself is a talented and smooth beast that strikes when one least expects it. No bullet or chase is wasted here, as every scene and every line of dialogue within every scene seems crucial to the story. I watched this last night, and already can't wait to watch it again. This is the type of film that would seem to only improve upon each viewing.

The rare instance in which the style is the substance. I gotta say it again..........simply a damn cool film.

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