Slow West ★★★

Ideal early Sunday morning Western viewing.

Jay is a young adolescent boy who just happens to be transgressing the West in search of his lost love. Along the way he meets bounty hunter Silas, who offers him protection on his perilous journey. Unbeknownst to Jay, Silas is using Jay to lead him his love, who just happens to have a damn bounty on her head. What follows is a quiet, slow, and most importantly, effective Western viewing.

For the most part this is a Western viewing of the minimalist nature. It thrives on shots of the frontier, and long-held Western dynamics. It doesn't depend on any semblance of a hard-lined story, but rather depends in large part on mood and atmosphere.

The film does carry with it a certain level of self-awareness, and that self-awareness tends to come through when dealing with violence and the dynamics held within said violence. It absolutely does not glorify the Western genre, and in many ways seems to condemn it along the way at different points in time.

My biggest complaint with this viewing is that I can't help but feel that the relationship held between Jay and Silas could have been fleshed out a little more. Said relationship is the driver to the character arc of Silas, and I was left a little underwhelmed in this respect. A solid viewing, but could have been a little stronger with increased character development and character dynamics tied to said development.

Solid Western cinema. Nothing more, nothing less.