The Bourne Supremacy ★★★½

Initially I was thinking this was the ying to Bourne Identity's yang, but now it seems my preconceived notions may have been a bit off the mark.

As with any sequel, the set-up here is a bit different. Characters have already been developed and introduced so everything is done in furtherance of the story. I felt the beginning was the opposite of the Bourne Identity in many ways. Whereas Jason's relationship with Marie was a big part of the first, for obvious reasons such is not the case here. In fact now it seemed Jason was the hunter as opposed to the prey in the first. In addition the pace starts out pretty damn fast. It seemed whereas Bourne Identity was more character-driven Supremacy would be more story-driven.

For the most part the film starts at breakneck speed and thereafter settles into its own. I would say that here the action is a bit better, but character is sacrificed a little in the process. Supremacy is more about driving the story whereas Identity allowed the characters to drive the story. It is indeed an interesting mesh.

After two films it's becoming apparent (seen these before but a decade is a lot of time) that these are just damn cool and slick action flicks. They have just enough intelligence to keep your brain churning and more than enough pace to keep your heart going. I must make mention of that climax car chase here. Sick as fuck.

I would say I prefer Identity by a tad over Supremacy, but it's not really a big enough difference to be of note. Looking forward to watching the third.

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