The Edge of Seventeen

While in adolescene somewhite miniscule problems invevitably come much bigger in nature. This dynamic proves true for high school junior Nadine when her best friend, Krista, begins dating her older brother, Darian. Let the teenage agnst commence, plain and simple.

This is a film that begins and ends with the performance of Hailee Steinfeld. She is simply fantastic in portraying the head space of your fairly typical American teenager. Most importantly, she proves to be likable while simultaneously being immensely relatable in a variety of ways.

The reason for this film's success is the manner in which it handles the problems inherent to Nadine. Specifically, it doesn't treat her as just a teenage girl going through adolescence. Rather, it treats her problems seriously, and the end result is a tangible and poignant look into a teenager's attempt to make her way in this world.

Superior teen cinema.