The Ides of March

The Ides of March ★★

It's one of those films that everything is done well, but it still fails to really impress or make an impression on you. The acting is great, however, the whole film just seems way too theatrical for me. You get the feeling while watching the actors that they KNOW they are acting, and that's always a negative while watching a movie. These are great actors, but I feel the dialogue did not really allow them to lose themselves into their roles, it was simply too ochestrated from the outset. Likewise, the film is just told in a pretty boring, uninteresting way. There's really nothing in here that we haven't seen before, and as a result the script comes across as being somewhat bland and uninvolving. I also thought the transition of Gosling from young, innocent politician to a changed, corrupted one was too abrupt and not handled really well. In short, I didn't really buy it.

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