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  • Beata Virgo Viscera

    Beata Virgo Viscera


    "The cinephile is an orphan who chooses to be kidnapped by a rather special passer-by who... will show you the gravity of the world."Serge Daney

    Scout against space-time, wherein cinema provides examples of the acute and bound up joy and melancholy that come in response to the horror and beauty of our being in the world. The films throw one back and forwards in time, finding the same intensities of mood that are a product of this particular…

  • Aquaman



    Really goes hard for a coincidence of opposites in how it commits fully to the most lame Warhammer bullshit and makes it a hell of a lot of fun (e.g. a major battle between crabs and lobsters and humanoid Atlanteans). Goes to a lot of places, to the point that there are dinosaurs and a tentacled Godzilla monster. Beyond these fantastical elements, is the weirdo futuristic touches apparent in the way in which Atlantis is shot and soundtracked like the…

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  • Justice League

    Justice League


    The existence of Justice League, in the form that the world has seen it, cannot be understood without the reaction to Batman v Superman (BvS) as context. At the heart of this reaction lies Armond White’s basically correct diagnoisis that the “culture has lost appreciation for the true aesthetics of cinema”. He further develops his point by arguing that this is a condition that has been preyed upon by artless studios to the point that those to whom a film…

  • Doctor Strange

    Doctor Strange


    There's a certain overstatement in the elucidation of Doctor Strange's successes, as one might find them here and elsewhere. The chief and only truly justifiable ambition that could be attributed to the film is its visual style. For when, on the few occasions that Strange really does something (e.g. when it folds a city about itself, or has a building eat a person), it is surely at its most interesting.

    Yet, this particular ambition—and calling it an ambition is generous…