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  • Aquaman



    At times approaches Lucas (creation) and Snyder (representation) levels in terms of image creation, and even to an extent Ritchie/Verbinski in the arts of bombast. Much of the rest is over-saturated, all-too-crisp filler, but the notable instances (i.e. the trench, Atlantis, the final ocean war) are each remarkable in and of themselves. It is, however, a comment in itself that, as the 2010s wore on in blockbuster cinema, a film such as this could come to stand out as a…

  • Inception



    One of the more interesting dreams I've had in my life was when I had to protest Barack Obama's attempts to repossess my long deceased grandmother's house, despite the fact the building itself was in Northern Ireland. There ain't any shit like that in this movie. There is, however, abstraction disguised as subject beholden composition, intellect masquerading as an abundance of words, and corporate malfesance made into the engine of "pure creation". Certifiably a film that never improves.

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  • Justice League

    Justice League


    The existence of Justice League, in the form that the world has seen it, cannot be understood without the reaction to Batman v Superman (BvS) as context. At the heart of this reaction lies Armond White’s basically correct diagnoisis that the “culture has lost appreciation for the true aesthetics of cinema”. He further develops his point by arguing that this is a condition that has been preyed upon by artless studios to the point that those to whom a film…

  • Knives Out

    Knives Out


    Thankful for the casting of Daniel Craig as an obvious director surrogate who is forever clarifying the moral landscape of this extraordinarily uncomplicated film—in which everything thought, said, and done is exactly what any progressive-liberal would want thought, said, and done by the people who should think, say, and do them—by repeatedly declaring which of the cast of characters is a "good" or "bad" person and enumerating what they do or do not deserve on that basis. The film is…