Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter ★★★★½

"God gave Noah the rainbow sign / No more water but fire next time"

"...Death and Hades gave up the dead that were in them..." - Revelation 20:13

"It is finished." - John 19:30

An ark rendered eugenic and fascist is set ablaze, as the corporatists--clamouring to the spectre of transcendence--who declare their image divine are brought to heel by the proletarian generic human(s), the trans-human. The supreme act becomes (immanent) ending and even simply allowing endings: which is also to say, ending an injustice and lowering resurrection's false flag. Yet more apocalyptically, the dead are assembled to be brought to rest, to recede as flood as the ark burns.

'The Lord was sorry that he had made humankind on the earth, and it grieved him to his heart. So the Lord said, “I will blot out from the earth the human beings I have created."' - Genesis 6:6-7

"The trinity of bitches."

Giving a reading of the Yahwist, as named by documentary hypothesis of the book of Genesis and the Pentateuch, god proves to be a petty, genocidal, masculinist shit and a predictable model for patriarchal capitalism. The rewired materialist Trinitarianism of Alice offers an alternative to sick male, self-divinising models and appears to venture that far from being a god, being a human is a task of impossible daring that humanity has barely understood. Beyond Trinitarianism's perichoretic and kenotic nonsense, one may find that the problem of a love for the world only ever lay in embracing the complexities of the self.

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