Buffalo '66

Buffalo '66 ★★★½

Shoutout to Kirk for this rec

I really didn't think this would be my thing at all, but I actually found it pretty damn good. Billy is a piece of shit but the way Gallo nods to why he is how he is works really quite well. The editing in the film is what really impressed me, it does a great job of developing his character and giving the film a very distinct tone. My only issue is that some scenes just did nothing for me. Some scenes are really strong, I loved the bathtub one, but some like the bowling alley to me didn't add anything for me. The scene with Billy's family has elements that I really enjoy and some I don't care for. It's moments like the bathtub scene that feel really raw that I think I liked most about this, that and the opening where he's trying to pee, but again there are just some that I just didn't think added to the tone or the character in a meaningful way. I know this film has grown on Victor a lot over a few watches and honestly I think it'll do the same for me. There's a lot to appreciate and I feel like those moments I didn't love this time around could work better for me on another watch. Nonetheless, I enjoyed this film a lot more than I expected, another great recommendation from Kirk

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