Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★★

Before the movie started I expected to really like it but not fully buy into the hype. Early on I thought it was great but I wasn't at the level some are with it. By the end I had decided that this is easily one of the biggest cinematic triumphs in recent years. It just works. It shouldn't, nothing about this should work at all, but somehow a movie with a mystical bagel and hot dog fingers and all this craziness manages to resonate emotionally more than I could have ever imagined.
The film's existence as a whole, just managing to stick the landing on a project this ambitious is such a triumph it's impossible to not fall for it. The story just somehow works, really being driven by emotion and character more than a true narrative and it makes those emotional moments feel so strong. The editing is genuinely perfect, the passion behind the production design and costumes is immaculate, the music is great, everything just has so much heart and love and creative passion put into it's amazing. The performances are also to die for, this script is amazing but the trio of Michelle Yeoh Stephanie Hsu and Ke Huy Quan is so crucial to making this film resonate, and honestly supporting roles by Jamie Lee, James Hong and Tallie Medel are so crucial to the film.
This is just such an inspiring film to watch. A multiverse movie alone should be enough to deter a ton of people, everything that comes along with it here should deter people, but I haven't seen anyone not like it. I watched this in a chain theatre where I'm used to hearing scoffs and annoyance at anything weird and creative (mfs saying X is the worst thing they've seen), and in this room of normal people I couldn't believe how many laughs and how many sniffles I ended up hearing. This is just such a magically inventive film and I pray it has staying power cause if this shows up anywhere at next year's Oscars we all win

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