Burning ★★★★

Enigmatic and beautifully filmed. Probably the best cinematography of the year. It's a slow building thriller that gives almost no answers, but it's absorbing and suspensful anyway. The movie really avoids the easy ways of a thriller, maintaining an atmosphere of uncertainty. I'm sure that if I hadn't read the short story before I would've had a hard time understanding this but still the movie has all the pieces to put the answers together to a certain point, but still allowing the viewer to ponder their own theories.

Maybe I would have liked that it was more thrilling but the movie is purposely restrained, with only one intense moment at the end. The acting of the three main characters is very good but the highlight for me is the beautifully filmed sequences and the slow unravel of the mistery, along with the reflections on social class, gender dynamics, loneliness and the look for purpose.

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