mother! ★★★★★

mother! Is a fantastic spectacle that holds up under scrutiny. The film is so good because its themes can be as big or small as you want them to be. Aronofsky is using obvious biblical symbolism to critique big ideas like religion, how humans treat the environment, and patriarchy, but the film also works as a personal examination of people who always take and never give to their partners and the inherent selfishness of being an artist. What I personally took from it most, was an introverts hell. Jennifer Lawrence just wants to be alone in her house with her husband! Get Ed Harris outta there!! The third act plays like a high octane action film with the chaotic energy of the third act of Children of Men. Its a really great watch and you will derive personal meaning from it. The religious symbols, range from stories of Adam and Eve, to Cain and Abel, to Noah’s ark, to a christ metaphor. The whole viewing experience feels quite profound.