Certain Women ★★★★★

Certain Women may easily end up being one of my favourite films this year. Sombre and contemplative, I found it to be a genuinely moving watch.

Moving between three seperate stories of women in a small town, what really strikes me about the film is its pacing. Edited by director Kelly Reichardt, the scenes unfold slowly and elegantly but the film never feels slow. It plays out with a clearly intended grace that allows room to really discover the characters but never lets them get boring.

This is also a film with great cinematography. The way Reichardt captures the landscape in her shots really develops the setting and makes it, perhaps, the most important aspect of the film. The dusty and wild desert backdrop becomes the connective tissue that moves through all three stories and joins them as a complete whole.

The performances are also outstanding and nuanced. What every actor in this film seems to be aware of is the constant lingering of loneliness that infects these characters and their world.

I loved it. Another highly recommended festival entry!