Saw II

Saw II ★★★½

Honestly these films hold on rewatch value. I remember growing up I only knew Saw II as “the needle pit” film. I feel I took this franchise for granted growing up, not really giving it the credit it deserved but as I look back on it. I view it as pleasure to have grown up in the zeitgeist of this franchise. I think one of the big turning points for me was getting to meet some of the creators of the franchise and view their panel at Texas Frightmare Weekend last year. Hearing their passion in the franchise made me want to rewatch it. Now I ironically have a Saw tattoo (granted I got it on Friday the 13th so it was only $20). It’s kinda cool to have this franchise as the one I grew up with. The continuity is actually pretty solid through the first seven. I think Saw 2-4 are special for me because Darren Bousmann directed them, I got meet him at Frightmare and talk with him for a bit and he’s a delightful man who really is honest and upfront about the industry which is refreshing so I think there is a bias with those for me because of him. But this is a series that will hold strong in horror history.

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