Adventureland ★★★★★

My #1 film of 2009.

Greg Mottola's follow-up to Superbad combines the raucousness of that film with the indie spirit of The Daytrippers to create an absolute gem.

First of all, it was so good to see Jesse Eisenberg again. He was so fantastic in Dylan Kidd's Roger Dodger and then turned up again in The Squid And The Whale, but hasn't exactly been a prolific actor. He shines again in this film with a subtly perfect performance that won me over immediately.

The script hits all the right notes and is punctuated by some wonderfully comic moments by SNL cast members Bill Hader & Kristen Wiig. As if all of this wasn't enough, every single music cue is so perfect that I was grinning ear to ear. How can you not love a movie that is bookended by The Replacements and also features the Velvet Underground, Husker Du, and even a little Expose for good measure. Combine all of that with a score by Yo La Tengo and you have gold my friends.

This is the kind of film that I will rewatch countless times on dvd and will likely not find its audience until hits the home video market.