Margaret ★★★½

While I was frustrated on so many levels by this film, I remain interested in seeing the extended cut to see if it clears up some of my bigger problems in the film.

What we get in the theatrical version absolutely feels truncated. There are scenes wherein it appears that even conversations have chunks of dialogue taken out of them. He couldn't edit the film down, yet there are absolutely pointless moments like an extended pan across the Manhattan skyline (with an edit in the middle) that then proceeds to show Anna Paquin's Lisa walking through the streets from a considerable distance.

Paquin's performance is raw and powerful, but her character is a horrible person. I suppose that's a unfair judgement of somebody who is 17, but I hated LIsa so much that at times I wished the story was about anybody other than her.

After months and months of being told this film is a masterpiece, I just feel underwhelmed. We'll see if the extended cut, which expands the storyline by 30-ish minutes, will give me more of what I hoped for.

At the end of the day, I think this should have been a series on pay cable. To let Lisa's life unfold over the course of 10 or 12 hours probably would have served it better, not felt so constricted and had greater impact.