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  • Beware of the Car!

    Beware of the Car!


    Amazingly light hearted/whimsical comedy/drama about an everyday schlub works for an insurance agency who moonlights as a master car thief and the cop who tries to solve the case. Oh and they're both members of the same amateur acting trope! No big deal that they happen to know one another, I'm sure that's not gonna play into the story line at all. How could it???

    Despite being set in Soviet Russia in the immediate post Khrushchev era, the fact that…

  • Speed Zone

    Speed Zone


    I vividly remember seeing the ads to this one as a young kid (I would've been between 6 and 7 in April of 89 when it came out theatrically) and I remember seeing the vhs box to this one around in the 90s but somehow despite the presence of John Candy, i never actually sat thru it before now and I don't know if kid me would've liked it or not but adult me finds it rather flat despite all…

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  • Trafic



    "When Are They Gonna Get To Amsterdam Already?!?!?!?" (I couldn't help it, that was very much in my mind every time they got into a problem along the way...which is of course the large majority of the movie! ) Even tho I might not have laughed out loud at a lot of this, I did smile a lot at a number of the visual sight gags. The unending demonstration of the various features to the cops inspecting the vehicle of…

  • Loser



    I like Jason Biggs, always have, and i like Mena Suvari more than enough but this is sadly kinda flat as a movie. The two have seemingly decent enough screen chemistry tho (I would've been willing to buy them as a couple gradually making their way towards an actual relationship) but this movie sadly throws too many obstacles in their way, and its frustrating watching the movie squander its likeable leads on this non starter of a story involving Greg…