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  • Once You Kiss a Stranger...

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  • Once You Kiss a Stranger...

    Once You Kiss a Stranger...

    Who watches "Strangers On A Train" and thinks to themself "Pretty good but what it really needs is a number of scenes involving a professional golf tournament" That's right, this is a remake of Strangers On A Train that features way more golf than Hitchcock could ever dream about using in one of his movies. (Nods) Visually the movie looks good, it's stylized in full late 60s era production fashions and colors. (The main character wears a lot of yellow…

  • The Shocking Miss Pilgrim

    The Shocking Miss Pilgrim


    Ok but instantly forgettable.... pleasant enough tho. I liked the idea of the conflict that gets in the way of a man and a woman's possible romance relationship being suffrage. "Why this woman would be absolutely perfect for me if it wasn't for that pesky need to be seen and treated as an equal in the workplace I tells ya" Umm no it's you know it's supposed to be a story that's reflective of the time it's set in which…

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  • Halloween III: Season of the Witch

    Halloween III: Season of the Witch


    This Rocked! The commitment to all the running bits here is great. Like late in the movie Tom Atkins is on the run and being chased by all the bad guys and he sees a phone and so who does he call? His ex-wife whom we had seen him arguing with over the phone at several different moments in the movie before the plot really kicked in. And what happens when he calls her? She yells at him just like…

  • Vice Squad

    Vice Squad


    This is gonna sound weird but I honestly think Wings Hauser overdoes it too much as the psychotic pimp here, and that the film might've actually benefited more from his character's centrality to the story being lessened--or maybe even omitted altogether. Like the best half of this movie is it's opening half hour where the movie just submerges you in its sleazy world of prostitutes, johns, and the vice cops who have to deal with the crazies on a nightly…