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  • The Young Lions

    The Young Lions


    Good but kinda overlong two narrative tale that keeps alternating back and fourth. I kept waiting for the two narratives to finally dovetail but it never quite happened. You got Brando as a Nazi officer whose conscious slowly awakens amidst the madness of his superiors (here represented by a crazed Maximillian Schell) and you have in a parallel plotline Montgomery Clift as an enlistee who has to fight his fellow GI's tooth and nail for everything---respect, to be taken seriously,…

  • Black Legion

    Black Legion


    Starts out really good, but i kinda thought/hoped that a movie that has a 30's era Bogart joining the Klan would've been more hard hitting. Warner Bros movies from this time were of course known for being merciless in addressing social issues at the time. This one was I dunno not quite up what I had envisioned it to be when i had first learned of it. That said, its not a bad movie, Bogart is of course great as…

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  • Hard to Be a God

    Hard to Be a God


    My God That Was Excruciating. Kind of like if Terry Gilliam had been asked to direct an Andrei Rublev remake but somehow the movie ended up being an endless Highlander sequel somewhere along the way. (seriously the main guy with his huge entourage of guys locked in stockades and his musical instrument kinda felt a bit like one of the villains that Connor MacLeod has to behead--but first he's gonna monologue and groan his way about the futility of life…

  • Cheap Thrills

    Cheap Thrills


    Holy Mother Of God...Does this thing go from like light-hearted dark comedy hijinks to dark as hell at the drop of a hat. It undeniably works tho. When the end happened, it absolutely made me go "ohh shit!"
    In short its the perfect movie to watch on cable at 4AM where you can be like "Oh i'll just check this out and then be like--ok 5 more minutes, i just wanna see what's gonna happen next"....80 minutes later..."Well Goddamn Motherfucker!!!!"…