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  • Halloween



    My first viewing of the slasher classic in preparation for the new film. 

    Loomis:Death has come to your little town, Sheriff.

    It’s goofy in the acting and the script but it overcomes it. Micheal Myers is the ultimate stalker and the camera frames him as such. 

    The camera work and direction here is great. The score is the finest of all horror movies and one of the most iconic of all time. 

    I was gonna give it 4 stars but…

  • Lady Macbeth

    Lady Macbeth

    I kinda hated all of it I guess.

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  • I Can Only Imagine

    I Can Only Imagine


    Dang Dennis Quaid was great.

    Great and moving story about the life story of Bart Millard and the making of the chart-topping I Can Only Imagine.

    The film flows well with a pretty decent script and performances, especially Dennis Quaid and Trace Atkins.

    Probably the best film I’ve seen from the Christian  movie genre.

  • Apostle



    Wow Netflix!!!!! I’m actually blown away, this is the best thing you’ve produced all year and possibly ever. The first Netflix film I actually would rewatch multiple times. 

    This is from Gareth Evans, the Director of the Raid, and he really brings it here. We know he can direct a fight scene and he’s still got it. 

    This film is nasty and bloody with its violence. It’s brutal and sadistic in its torture. There are some scenes that are not…