Interstellar ★★★★★

I can barely find the words to describe my feelings after watching this incredible film. After loving so many of Christopher Nolan's past films, I have been highly anticipating this release since before it was even announced. I am glad to say that it not only met, but exceeded my high expectations and totally blew me away.

I love sci-fi films and within that genre I tend to particularly enjoy ones that deal with time travel as well as ones that take place in space. This movie hits both of those categories with a story that was emotionally powerful and entirely believable. There were times while watching this that I waited with bated breath as if my own fate hung in the balance along with these characters. Part of what made it believable was that much of the plot was based on real science and real theories about worm holes and black holes. The effects also went a long way to making this realistic as they were entirely seamless and beautifully done. I really liked that the spaceships and technology looked real as well, complete with rivets and dirt instead of being the sleek futuristic tech that you normally see in sci-fi films. The robot in particular was well done and a very creative design.

I absolutely loved the story. The plot starts out as a pretty straight forward space adventure but ends up being loaded with action, excitement, thrills and surprising twists that blow your mind. All of the parts dealing with the black hole just completely fascinated me and had me with my jaw on the floor. In fact, for the entire last half of the film I found myself tightly gripping the arm rests in the theatre as I was floored by every twist and turn. Not only was this one of the most exciting space movies I have seen, but it was surprisingly deep. As cool as the sci-fi stuff was, the main focus and theme tended to be love and in particular a father daughter relationship. There were so many heartbreaking scenes which of course gave way to some terrific performances. It's hard to single out any one in particular with so many A-list actors turning in outstanding performances, but I will say that both Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway do a great job carrying this film.

This was easily one of the most enjoyable movies I have seen all year. I left the theatre in a complete daze and was just awe struck by how amazing it was. It was definitely an experience and I can’t wait to watch it again and dissect it even further.

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