The Rock

The Rock ★★★★


You’ve got General Hummel who has been involved in numerous battles and is sick of the government not giving funds to the families of the deceased soldiers and decides to steal nuclear missiles intending to threaten the government with. You've also  got Stanley Goodspeed who is a top nuclear weapons expert for the government who’s fiancé has just announced she is pregnant.General Hummel and his soldiers take over Alcatraz which is now a tourist attraction. He takes the tourists hostage and tells the government either they give funds and due credit to soldiers killed in battle or he sets off his nuclear rockets. The final piece of the puzzle is John Mason who was once an SAS agent that had been locked up for 30 years without trial as he wouldn’t give secret files he stole at the time back to the American government. Now the government need Masons knowledge of Alcatraz as he’s the only man ever to escape from it. Queue explosions, car chases and fist fights. So Mason and Goodspeed end up going to Alcatraz with an lite team and Mason and Goodspeed end up alone and being the only ones who can take on Hummels army. This is extreme action at a truly insane pace. Connery is nothing less than brilliant as Mason bringing humour and charisma that few actors can. Cage is zany as Goodspeed and has a good chemistry with Connery. Ed Harris is playing it completely straight as Hummel who has had enough. It’s a massive movie and it’s entertainment as hell. Theirs some great one liners and the movie what it is and doesn’t try to be deeper than it needs to be

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