Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★★★

TIFF 2019 (Film #16)
Every single thing i ever could have wanted. Holy craaaaap JOJO RABBIT doesn’t just knock it out of the ball park, it’s not even playing the same ball game as everyone else. This is one of the most heartful, funny, ridiculous, and genuinely brilliant comedies of the decade. Taika Waititi has made a movie that aesthetically reminds me of HUGO mixed with MOONRISE KINGDOM, while having an edgy sense of humor, and a heart of solid gold. I just literally can’t think of a single negative thing about this. I just came off of watching MARRIAGE STORY, and I thought nothing could top that today or just in general at the festival. But JOJO RABBIT was on a whole other level. 

This is a masterpiece and I didn’t want to stop clapping when it finished. 
Also Thomasin McKenzie gives a simply incredible performance here and really deserves awards season recognition. 

May see it again in the morning.

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