Moxie ★★★

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Lucy really should have been the main character, but on the other hand, Lucy was already the most interesting character at the beginning of the film, and part of cinematic structure is creating a journey for the protagonist, meaning they have to learn, grow and change. So maybe their would have been different issues if Lucy was the protagonist.

There's definitely a lot of issues with this movie, mostly that it makes the most face value effort to be intersectional, simply by casting women of all colors, shapes and sizes, and still centers its narrative on whiteness. Intersectionality isn't just about inclusion, but about recognizing that hegemonic patriarchal oppression is different based on not just one identity, but on many. Like it's just flat out naive for this movie to show a Black girl getting picked on relentlessly by football players, and sum it all up to "it's sexism! it's just sexism! girls stand together, there's no racism here, it's definitely just plain ol' sexism!". To center this story on a white cishet girl is to step all the way backwards to 2nd wave feminism, which was exclusionary and didn't recognize the ways that the patriarchy is not JUST sexist, but also racist, ableist, transphobic, homophobic, fatphobic and classist. You can see that the film includes and represents people who fit into all sorts of different intersectional identities, but all of these people and their identities are sidelined to make room for a story about girl power through a lens of whiteness.

That said, the movie is really fun for the most part, even through its flaws, and I'd rather have a movie that talks about this stuff and gets it wrong than have no movie at all. People have done this subject matter better, and more filmmakers will in the future. However, I look at it like this: Moxie has issues, but it's not harmful in any way, it's just ignorant. If anything, I think that this movie existing is a good thing, simply because there will be teenage girls and young women (and men!) that watch this, and read up on some of its flaws, hopefully leading them to educate themselves further.

Anyways, I'm not the person to listen to about all of this stuff. I'm just repeating a lot of what much smarter and more well-educated people have said. It's a fun enough movie, but extremely flawed.

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