Sea Fever ★★★★

TIFF 2019 (Film #32)

SEA FEVER might not be a Cthulu movie, but it may as well be. This nail biting, intense sci-fi horror is scarier to me than some of the Midnight programme here. Something about being stuck in a small vessel, knowing that you could become the next one to be infected by some cosmic horror just makes my skin crawl. I mean, it’s not a new idea, this sort of thing has been done a million times before, but SEA FEVER does it so well.  The glowing tendrils of the creature below will haunt my dreams. 

But what really makes this film stand above others like it is the likeable cast of characters. This gang of sea dwellers are entertaining to watch, and the use of a protagonist from outside of their normal crew makes this into a nice fish out of water story even before shit hits the fan. 

SEA FEVER is a great discovery of the fest, and a horror film that made my skin crawl.