The Two Popes

The Two Popes ★★★★½

Shockingly hilarious and modern. A film that could have been a stuffy drama about conflict between two old men is instead played as a light hearted comedy about two ways of thinking coming together. It’s not just a movie about religion but a movie about how tradition grows with the state of the world, and conversations about The Beatles, soccer and dogs on TV illustrate this brilliantly. After writing THEORY OF EVERYTHING, DARKEST HOUR, and BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY, all of which were by the books biopics, and all of which were Best Picture nominees, Anthony McCarten may have finally written a screenplay that deserves that honor. 

Absolutely magnificent writing, as well as two INCREDIBLE performances on which the entire movie hinges. Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce are this movie and without them nothing works. Pryce is my personal favorite perfomance of the year right now. True mastery.

The only places this really goes wrong are some directorial decisions (showing documentary footage of Trump’s wall in the middle for no good reason? Yeesh don’t hit us over the head like that) and the flashback scenes just never as fun or impactful as the scenes with Hopkins and Pryce. But oh boy is this ever a fun movie and a major crowdpleaser. 

This was initially in my oscar predictions for the year but I took it out a few months back. Think I’m gonna have to put this back in there.

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