Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue ★★★★

Dennis Hopper's 1980's directorial film is about as grim as movies can get, yet there is a unhinged rebellion of Linda Manz's performance mixed with the drug-hazed turn by Sharon Farrell that manage to give a bit of hope.

Family dysfunction is taken to the absolute extreme as well as a surprisingly off-the-cuff ability of Manz to convey so much with minimal dialogue. It is hard to believe that Harmony Korine was not a bit inspired by this film.

The limitations of the budget show up from time to time, but the grit and realism of the actors make up for those restrictions.

"Out of the Blue" is a subversive gut punch that refuses to let the viewer off the hook. Filled with a constant sort of PUNK energy and misplaced feeling of love and rage.

As Dennis Hopper's films starts to cross the lines of "appropriateness" it never feels exploitive or "shock cinema" -- this dark ride of a movie is tragically grounded in realism and it takes no prisoners.

This unapologetically-angry movie has never received the credit is deserved. Fingers crossed that the folks at The Walker Art Center might be able to restore and re-issue this classic film that currently hangs unfairly on the shelf of Cult Movies that everyone wants to see but few have.

Not to be missed. There are several DVD's out there, but only one is full and uncut. Released by Anchor Bay, it can still be found on Amazon. However it should be noted that AB is technically no longer printing this title.