Infinity Chamber ★★½

Overly mediocre; however, considering it's on Netflix and I didn't have to pay to watch it certainly not a waste of time.

What I found most interesting about this movie was the subtle dystopian setting. Considering our protagonist is imprisoned in some futuristic Guantanamo cum Death Star with little to no evidence presented to the viewer - there's clearly something afoot. While subtle and vague indi-SciFi is a pretty popular niche these days (Time Lapse, Coherence, Listening, ARQ to name a few), this one is intriguing in just how vague it is. We don't know the year, we don't know where technology really is, who's good, who's bad. I enjoyed this backdrop of a film more than the actual film and, honestly, without it would only rate it One Star.

I found the twists interesting and quite in line with this curiously Dystopian world; but, the ending uninspired, cheapening the entire experience.

Donnie Darko meets 12 Monkeys (But more of the desperately sensitive indie and less the low-budget dystopia)