Moonlight ★★★★★

Went back to the theater to see this again in its extended run. I've decided that the moment that breaks me is when teenage Chiron says "I'm not a boy" in the principal(?)'s office. Of everything else Chiron is forced to experience, he is also forced to grow up too fast, to learn how to care for himself, but also how to project an image that allows him to live peacefully, while in the meantime denying himself of the opportunity to live as he wants to be.

I could write about this movie for eternity, but at the same time I could never come close to capturing it, to capturing its delicacy and humanity. Never before has a "slice of life" movie felt so urgent. It's absolutely sublime. And André Holland (adult Kevin) is, like, top 3 most attractive men I've seen in my life, which helps.

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