Scream ★★★★

Sidney Prescott: I have never done anything wrong, ever, in my life.
Me: I know this and I love you.

I tend to fixate on this movie's flaws a lot (Deputy Dewey) but really I've seen this so many times and the opening scene and the whole ending (after most of the party leaves -> on) is still so fun and effective. Also when I watched this for the first time, I was horror fan but didn't love the genre as much as I do now and Scream kind of lit a fuse in my brain where I was like "horror movies are cool, I wanna see more" (or intensified it, more accurately) so <3 I love you forever, Scream

(Kinda funnily, considering I don't like it that much, I had a similar reaction to Scream 4. It didn't reawaken my love of the genre because once Scream awakened it it was awake. But that scene in Kirby's house when they're looking at Kirby's singular shelf of horror movies and they're like "Damn Kirby! You got a collection!" I thought "That's really cool, I wanna start buying horror movies on DVD" and I did (before that I pretty much was digital because it's easier and cheaper and less space-consuming) and now I have waaaaaaaay more than one shelf so thanks Scream 4, I guess. I had forgotten that until recently.)

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