The Irishman

The Irishman ★★★★★

Today I:
- drove 90 minutes to the closest theater playing this thing
- got to the theater twenty-five minutes early
- watched this 209 minute movie plus previews and ads
- drove 90 minutes back plus a 40ish minute dinner
so I spent, what? seven hours of my day watching this movie? just two days (I think) before it drops on Netflix? sounds like event cinema to me!

remembering that absolutely devastating scene in Raging Bull where Jake follows his brother down the street and begs for him to kiss him—as he begged for him to punch him earlier—each just a hollow signifier of an emotion which isn't actually there, reassuring something which has gone so long unexpressed that it has lost meaning entirely. This movie is like the pain of that scene but for 209 minutes and the last thirty especially are out to fucking kill you.

joins Love Streams, Twin Peaks: The Return, Sarabande in late-period movies (or TV blah) starring a director's longtime collaborators who have aged significantly since their iconic roles in movies that wreck me, gonna be emo about this one for a while

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