The Irishman

The Irishman ★★★★★

my hot take with this movie is that it is very very good

[on first watch the monolithic sadness of the ending weighed over the entire movie, which it still does—it's incredibly fucking sad—but I also was able to appreciate even more how well this thing movies: it feels long in a way I find really effective, it feels weighty, kind of, Frank's recollection of the past never as simple as plain remembrance, it is always something that has to be labored over, that section in Detroit is only like ten or fifteen minutes but it can feel agonizingly long (thanks largely, I think, to Scorsese using close to no music for large stretches of the movie), until it's too late and you blink and all of a sudden everyone is 10,000 years old and then two minutes pass and suddenly they are dead. so it moves not in a "it feels like 90 minutes" way because I feel every single minute of this movie but it's just bursting with life and activity all the same, scene after scene I thought "oh yeah, this scene, I LOVE this scene!" for like 3.5 straight hours which is just so impressive]

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