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  • Akeelah and the Bee

    Akeelah and the Bee


    This movie holds some sentimental value for me. I remember watching it and hoping that I could make it to the next spelling bee. Too bad I was in college at the time... It is a bit formulaic and stiff at points, but I love it!

  • Father Figures

    Father Figures


    Well that was garbage and a waste of time. I’m disappointed in the actors for willingly and knowingly getting involved with a turd of a film like this.

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  • Hostiles



    "We're all guilty of something.
    I'm just asking for mercy."

    I can't believe that this got exactly zero discussion for end of year awards. Granted, it was a competitive year and it came out very late (limited release on December 22, 2017). But this latest feature from exciting young Director Scott Cooper (Crazy Heart, Out of the Furnace, Black Mass) is fantastic. The acting talent is superb from Christian Bale, Rosamund Pike, and Ben Foster to Rory Cochrane, Wes Studi,…

  • (500) Days of Summer

    (500) Days of Summer


    Fair warning: This is not a love story.

    In the vein of Annie Hall and Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind, this film is quirky, funny, and real. Well, as real as a film with a dance montage and animated bluebirds can be. It is refreshing to see a "romantic comedy" that doesn't have the traditional romcom ending of the opposite party coming to their senses and running off to regain the relationship that they lost earlier in the film…