A Cure for Wellness ★★½

I gave this an extra star for being so lavish and beautiful. Gore Verbinski really went all out. However, even though I enjoyed the movie I wish it would have ended about 30 minutes before the end. That way at least the mystery would have remained unsolved and I wouldn't have been upset that all of the imagery and symbolism was for nothing. 

My brain was working through parables and allegories to assign meaning to the beautiful images I was seeing but I was very let down in the end. This could have been a fantastic allegory about the sickness of Capitalism and the cure of Socialism, but it was almost as if Gore Verbinksi gave everyone the middle finger with the last 30 minutes and said, nothing matters, let's just burn it all to the ground. 

Maybe it is all a story about Nihilism, either way I was on the way to giving this 4-5 stars but as the credits rolled I was in 1-2 star territory. So, it sits right in the middle of the road. It could have been so much better.