A Ghost Story ★★

Pretentious and poetic. You will either love or hate this film. If you like avant-garde cinema where it is primarily visual imagery that is intended to encourage an emotional response then you will like this. It is 94% a ghost (man covered with a sheet with two eye holes cut out) staring at objects/people/the camera/our souls. The other 6% is divided between a self important hipster redneck monologing about his theories of existence and nihilism, and Rooney Mara stabbing at and eating a pie. 

I’m not saying it wasn’t good. It definitely speaks to ideas about time, life, and death in much the same way that Interstellar did. It is overly simple in my opinion, not that I needed more of the redneck, but some emotional connection would have helped me understand and empathize with our poltergeist protagonist. 

It’s on Amazon Prime, if you have a couple of hours free to sit in silence with creepy ethereal music then check it out. But when you see the bald man with overalls on, just mute the tv or fast forward about 7 minutes. You’ll thank me later.