Brawl in Cell Block 99 ★★★★

This movie was made for a behemoth like Vince Vaughn. He is not only physically very large and intimidating, but he shows that he has substantial acting ability (in addition to his incredibly tuned humor). I came in expecting a prison movie rife with violence and I got it, but not before a fascinating character drama unfolded. Bradley (don't call him Brad) is the type of man who although he is seething with anger and hurt over her betrayal, would rather destroy himself and his wife's car before he would lay a finger on her. This is a principled man with unwavering self control that I want to watch.

There are some questionable character decisions which act to serve the plot and kind of undercut the story but I can overlook those. The final act of the film shifts the direction into an all out 70's pulpy grindhouse flick. There are truly a few things that I wish I could unsee. The tension is built up for so long that the release is amazing and it doesn't let up until the final shot homage. I could see this exact film being released in the 60s starring Charles Bronson. It's better than it deserves to be, I hope to see more like this from Vince Vaughn. Grab a bowl of popcorn and check it out on Amazon Video tonight after the kids go to bed.