Call Me by Your Name ★★

Having watched this immediately following The Florida Project, I was struck by the similarities, both set in a kind of paradise during the summer, both telling real raw emotional stories, both dealing with the taboo or socially unacceptable, both told from the perspective of the lead young character. 

However, the differences are just as staggering. While Florida Project is rooted in realism and shows the sun dappled Orlando setting, this film is more navel-gazing and while set beautifully in Northern Italy. One looks at the lower end of the spectrum and the other focuses on people who, in my opinion, need to do something besides sit around and eat peaches and swim.

Perhaps I’m old fashioned, or a prude, or maybe I’m bigoted, but I can’t understand why this film is able to openly celebrate a homosexual pedophillic reletionship as some kind of coming of age, rite of passage, success. As you can see at the end of the film, that this really messed him up psychologically. On the other hand, The Florida project refused to show any of the illegal activities that she did and instead only hinted at them. Would we have cheered that film as much if it glorified prostitution? Probably not.

This movie was too long and pointless. A bunch of rich white people manufacturing an emotional struggle for themselves. Gross and immature in places, and Armie Hammer cannot dance. Skip it. It will no doubt get awards clamor from a screwed up culture but I can't applaud a pedophilic love story.