Lady Bird ★★★★½

Thank you Greta Gerwig. I’m glad that you are a better Director than all of your mumblecore associates. This film hits hard and that is mainly due to the sublime acting of both Saiorse Ronan and Laurie Metcalf. If Mean Girls was a serious film it would have been this. 

I’ve never been a teenage girl but this kind of makes me want to never be one still. All of the posturing and effort to impress a boy who could care less about you and not understanding your parents because you are so wise and they hate you. On the other hand this movie equals #dadgoals.

Essentially, hormones make you stupid, but eventually you come out on the other side and realize that the person they shaped you into is pretty good after all. This one is a quieter film and is probably out of most theaters. Find it on Blu-Ray when it comes out and have a watch party with your mom, but don’t blame me when everyone starts crying.