Roman J. Israel, Esq. ★★★½

"It's a designation in the legal arenas, like a title of dignity slightly above gentleman, below knight."

Oddly, this film has a lot in common with La La Land. The same passion that Sebastian has towards Jazz, Roman J. Israel, Esquire espouses towards the law. Decisions are made which short sells those dreams. They ultimately come back to their true love through personal sacrifice.

There are problems, the cinematography was pedestrian at times, but it can be quite difficult to make legal jargon and office politics visually appealing. The best moments are when we are diving into the mind of the legal savant played expertly by Denzel Washington. His passion comes through so we as an audience are hoping for some kind of civil rights breakthrough. Continue pushing towards your dreams and do what is right even in the face of adversity. I watched this because I was checking off the box of seeing Washington's Oscar Nominated performance and I'm glad I did.