The Post ★★★★

The idea that this movie was quickly thrown together after Ready Player One filming wrapped is crazy. Kaminski’s cinematography is fantastic and although the opening setup was a little slow and could have been tightened up a bit, the direction was great. 

Even if this isn’t Spielberg’s greatest film, it may be his most socially relevant, the victory of a free press and the triumph of a powerful woman in a boys club, 2017 needed this film as much as it needed Get Out. Hanks and Streep we’re competent in their performances, nothing incredible, it was more of an ensemble effort. Bob Odenkirk, Bradley Whitfield, Tracey Letts, Sarah Paulson, David Cross, and many others were great. 

The fact that this local paper stood in the face of opposition to the highest authority and upheld their right to free speech by exercising it is encouraging especially when you consider the time that it took to bring an idea to publication. The effort and teamwork that had to go into publishing a paper is easily forgotten, but the beautiful shots of the typesetting process and printing equipment remind me that we are living in an amazing time when we each posses a printing press in our hands yet we often ignore these capabilities in favor of diversion. 

Try to see The Post soon with a theater full of people and cheer and shout when you see the victories of freedom over oppression strength in the face of opposition. We need this message today.