Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★★

I agree with the general consensus on's...ok.

Of course, it checks all the obligatory boxes that any Star Wars movie should check:

- Do we have a good or bad feeling about this? Check
- Do we see a star destroyer in an imposing shot? Check
- Is the villain a bit over the top and irrational? Check
- Is there a big creature with a big eye? Yep

There are many more examples but on the plus side, Lando is fun to watch, the cinematography has a nice moody look (dark, foggy) everything feels "dingy". Since I had no option but to see it in 3D maybe that's why it looked dark.

Just like in Rebel One, the robot "LS" is one of the most entertaining characters even though it's on screen for a short time. Emilia Clarke was ok, her role didn't stand out much so it could have been any other fine actor in the role.

The action sequences are fun, especially the train heist. Some could have been more effective if they were shorter. The movie feels 10 to 15 minutes too long.

So I enjoyed's ok.

As time goes by, I appreciate the grit, pacing and darker tone of Rebel One even more.

p.s. The cameo in the movie did not work for me at all. When you have to go research how it could make sense and see how convoluted and obscure the answer is, you've failed at Star Wars. It felt incredibly artificial and unnecessary.

p.p.s. If there is a Boba Fett movie in the works I hope they don't childproof it too much or in my opinion, they might as well not make it.