When the Tenth Month Comes

When the Tenth Month Comes ★★★★½

The film might superficially look like a devotion, a tribute to the country's loss throughout the century - which is pretty in line with the party's ideology...But its condemnation of the delusionally bookish, theoretical ways with which people, especially communist officials, attempt to protect the grace of the "gone soldier" subtly sends out a message: Communism does not get rid of the stain in the human hearts. The film's emphasis on education of young children makes the moral failure of the previous communist generation even more ironically obvious. But, of course, that is only one of the film's many concerns. As Kundera said before "the condemnation of totalitarianism does not deserve a full book", so I'm pleased that the film's criticism of the communist society and its people never takes the center stage.

At the same time, I'm opposed to an imDb poster's comment that the film is "anti-communist and pro-Confucian". You don't have a heroine in a Confucian story. But in this film, right from the first few shots, it's very clear who the heroine is.