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  • Gone Girl

    Gone Girl


    Dark satire about man, woman and marriage stereotypes which pitch women as unstable manipulative bitches, men as horny dogs with fragile confidence (plus children as a marriage glue, suffocating parents in law, etc.), disguised as a stylish thriller. Subversive and provocative fooling around with audience sympathies and expectations. Close relative to Haneke's Funny Games.

  • Revenge



    Asks for waaaay too much suspension of disbelief, without any real reason for it that I can see. It uneccesarily distracts from the emotional impact and identification (be it with protagonist or shameful "this finger is pointing at you" identification with antagonists). The "'it's a dream" theory is alluring, but there is too little evidence to support it. Great camera, colors, music and style.

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  • Next Door

    Next Door


    Very solid "psychological thriller with elements of horror" which would be even better if the element of mystery could have been prolonged, that is if it did not become very soon clear to me what is actually happening and where it was all going (or maybe if I haven't already seen so many similar films).

  • The Fan

    The Fan


    In 1977 Bowie made his first 'Berlin' album, Low, which contains a mostly instrumental song Warszawa. That song was the source of inspiration for original name of the gothic-rock band from Salford, which later off course took the name after nazi sex-camps from the book House of Dolls. Soundtrack of this movie is by German band Rheingold, which took its name after Wagner's opera. Lead singer plays the lead male role in the movie, the pop star with the looks…