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  • The Sect

    The Sect


    Sensory overload, wet dream of Cattet/Forzani duo (Amer, The Strange Colour of Your Body's Tears) and better than La chiesa.

  • Island of the Fishmen

    Island of the Fishmen


    Obviously, prequel to Shape of Water.

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  • Next Door

    Next Door


    Very solid "psychological thriller with elements of horror" which would be even better if the element of mystery could have been prolonged, that is if it did not become very soon clear to me what is actually happening and where it was all going (or maybe if I haven't already seen so many similar films).

  • Knock Knock

    Knock Knock


    To rate this movie properly, I should first understand what it is trying to be:
    1. Preaching moral tale?
    2. Translation of Eli Roth's torture porn concept into a home invasion thriller for the mainstream audience?
    3. Transgressive pointing of finger at audience a la Funny Games?
    4. Black comedy?
    5. Something else?

    And after I realized that Knock Knock was actually a remake of the 1977 movie named Death Game with Sondra Locke (on Knock Knock signed as an…